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Accent Gem Designs offers combined shipping based on the number of items you order. As the program is currently set up, it automatically charges you $5.95 PER ITEM in your cart. The current program does not automatically combine shipping costs. The only way to combine shipping is to use these coupon codes, which you will apply in the Checkout process. 

Use the code that corresponds with the number of items that you have in your shopping cart and it will deduct the appropriate shipping overcharge from your total:


                2                                       SHIPPING2

                3                                       SHIPPING3

                4                                       SHIPPING4

                5                                       SHIPPING5

                6                                       SHIPPING6

                7                                       SHIPPING7

                8                                       SHIPPING8

                9                                       SHIPPING9

              10+                                     SHIPPING10

Items 1 - 6 are shipped in a USPS SMALL Flate Rate Box.

Items 7-10+ are shipped in a USPS MEDIUM Flat Rate Box.

If you have any questions, please email directly to