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Brecciated Red Jasper with Sterling Silver pendant

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Brecciated Red Jasper - Brecciated Jasper is a form of Jasper that also contains Hematite. Red Brecciated Jasper is often called “Poppy Jasper.”

Brecciated Jasper is a stone of strength and vitality. It can be used to bring mental clarity and focus to a previously scattered event, experience or overall life! Generally, Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer” because it sustains and supports during times of stress and brings tranquility and wholeness. Used in healing, Jasper unifies all aspect of your life. Jasper reminds people to help each other.

Brecciated Jasper is a wonderful grounding stone which can assist those who feel overwhelmed when it comes to the task of organization. It can also help in developing creativity and finding adequate outs for the expression of that creativity. It also promotes dream recall.