Invite the Healing and Metaphysical Powers of Gemstones into Your Life!
  • Green Aventurine & Imperial Jasper triple-strand wrap bracelet & earrings set with Turtle charm

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    An "Accent Gem Designs by Michele" triple-strand wrap bracelet handcrafted with green Aventurine and Imperial Jasper. Includes turtle charm. Matching earrings completes the set. Another signature set from Accent Gem Designs!

    Healing Properties:

    Aventurine: Aventurine is used to balance the male/female energies, to help reinforce decisiveness, and supplementing greater motivation in all activities. Especially useful in leadership skills and abilities.

    Aventurine is known to stimulate dreaming and enhance visualization. It has a positive effect on the psyche.  This is a wonderful stone for anyone involved in creative ventures: it is supposed to help impart creative ideas from one’s inner openness. Aventurine is considered a good luck stone, in any color, though the green color seems to be the most powerful, especially where money is concerned.

    Green Aventurine is told to relieve anxiety and calm one’s emotions, to bring about opportunity and to give good luck in games of chance. It is said to have the ability to enhance one’s sense of humor and cheerfulness as well. While it makes a powerful good luck piece to draw opportunities your way, it is told that it may also draw unexpected adventures as well as good luck in love.

     Healing Properties: Aventurine is told to assist one in making decisions from the heart and bestowing the courage to live one’s truth openly and proudly around others, without worry of judgement.  It is comforting, supportive, and balancing as well.

    Green has a very strong healing energy as well as a ‘growth’ vibe.  It is told to have the power to calm a troubled spirit, bring about inner peace, and relieve deep seated anxieties and fear, while cultivating a positive outlook on life.

    Aventurine has been used in Medicine Wheel rituals to assist connection with the spirit guides by lifting the true heart one (or a group) becomes a beacon to the guides.

    Physically, Aventurine has effectiveness on the adrenal glands, muscular system, connective tissues, and nervous system. Said to be one of the best stones for relief of migraine headaches. Always helpful with eyes and eyesight, it also helps one “see” in true light. Source:


    Imperial Jasper

    Imperial Jasper has it strongest tradition in Judaic lore, where it is one of the twelve sacred stones used to denote the Imperial families or tribes of Israel. It is said to occupy a position on the High Priest’s breastplate and is the first foundation stone of the walls of the heavenly city.  It therefore also symbolizes the first of the twelve gateways into Heaven. Imperial Jasper is said to help you withstand heavy negativity. It is also said to stabilize emotions, provide protection (as all Jaspers do) and reduce fears and insecurities. Imperial Jasper lets us see the divinity in everything we do and perceive the ordinariness of the unfolding spiritual path. It makes unity and wholeness not just possible, but that the idea of separate facets of our being – body, mind, heart and spirit -  all are divided between the world around us and our spiritual path as just that, an idea. Imperial Jasper reminds us that the only conflict that exists between our bodies and spirits is our belief that one exists. (

    In other words, what Imperial Jasper tells us is that there is another possibility, a place where there is no division between the secular and the sacred - the material and the physical.  There is a place where we can see the divinity in everything we do and perceive the ordinariness of the unfolding spiritual path.  Where every moment is a chance for exercising ourselves spiritually, of reaching further into our truth and integrating it more fully into here.  Then we are able to dissolve the illusion of separation which keeps us struggling to find ways to integrate something that is already integrated in reality. (Copyright © 1997-2008 Avalon Crystals. All rights reserved.)

    Imperial Jasper is seen to personify our journey towards God or our Higher Power. The forgetting of what we have been before and the revealing of who we are as spiritual beings - the suffering of tribulation in this present world and the end of suffering by living from a soul state. This rare Jasper allows us to understand that we are a part of our Higher Power (God) and everything, and that we never have to be afraid. Royal Imperial jasper provides protection to reduce fears and insecurities.

    Jasper, in general, is known as a nurturing stone. It ranges in color from Reds, Yellows, Greens, Browns and Oranges. There are several different varieties of Jasper. It is considered a Power Stone and a Protection Stone. Jasper gives one the courage to speak out and be independent. Because it is a stone of the earth, it is a very "grounding" stone.

    All Jaspers have excellent protective energies, but they do not give the "quick energy lift" that some other stones do. Although it is a power stone, it is also a gentle stone that brings peace, relaxation, tranquility, comfort, a sense of wholeness and healing. Jasper is used to psychically assist with astral travel. In crystal healing, jasper is used for the liver, gallbladder, stomach ailments and balancing male/female, yin/yang energies.

    When you think of the phrase "Solid as a Rock" Jasper comes to mind. It is a stone that works slowly, providing constant, slow, deliberate energy, especially good in time of needed change without the chaos a total upheaval would cause. It is a good stone for working with shy or timid people who need change.

    Because it is a nurturing stone this makes it a good stone for the healers to use on the behalf of others, such as in counseling or therapy, with addictions or compulsive behavior or when you or others need to gather up strength for the battles ahead. It can align all the chakras and balance yin yang energies and it is stabilizing and healing.

    It provides protection from other people, forces and even from yourself! It can keep you from getting carried away, or lead astray, and being diverted from your goals. Jasper helps to give you courage in preparation for conflict, either physical or emotional.