Invite the Healing and Metaphysical Powers of Gemstones into Your Life!
  • Jade & Amber wrap bracelet

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    An "Accent Gem Designs by Michele" triple-strand wrap bracelet handcrafted with dyed Jade and Amber gemstones and green glass rondel beads. Includes a cute gold leaf dangle charm.

    Amber: Often called "Liquid Sunshine", Amber is known to bring the energies of balance, purification, protection, psychic shielding, healing, calmness, patience, romantic love and sensuality. It is also known to be a wonderful good luck charm for marriages.  Amber is good for abundance, healing, success, vitality and joy.

    An incredibly strong protector it has been used for over 7,000 years to stimulate the metabolism, treat skin ailments caused by metabolic imbalances, treat asthma and most allergic respiratory issues. Amber radiates with the throat, alleviating stress and treating throat issues.  Psychologically, Amber not only brings stimulation to the intellect, clearing depression, and bringing a positive emotional state and creative expression, it also motivates by linking what one may wish for together with the drive and encouragement to accomplish it.

    Jade: Jade as a gemstone has much history, being part of Asian life and philosophy for many centuries. It is most often considered a symbol of purity and serenity. It is believed to bring harmony, friendship, and to attract good luck.

    Although a ‘receptive’ stone, Jade is also known for its protective abilities; warding against negative energies that may surround one.  A stone that is helpful in attaining one’s goals by instilling resourcefulness, allowing one to see past any self imposed limitations, and assisting in the manifestation of one’s dreams into the physical world.

    Jade is considered a very lucky gemstone. It is said to promote courage, compassion, generosity, wealth, and longevity. To assist one in living a richer and more fulfilling life.

    Healing properties: Physically, all types and shades of Jade have powerful calming vibrations that are very protective, especially strong for children. It is said to be a stone of the heart, strengthening it as well as the kidneys, spleen, and the adrenal gland. It assists in the proper function of the metabolism. It is also known to be helpful in healing the nervous system, reducing stress and counteracting depression. Bashing evil spirits, and negative energies, Jade will also assist one in producing dreams that are not only vivid, but quite accurate as well.