Invite the Healing and Metaphysical Powers of Gemstones into Your Life!

Picture Jasper teardrop pendant

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Picture Jasper teardrop pendant in lovely braided sterling silver plated setting - (1-1/2" long)

Picture Rock Jasper has long been used create harmony, balance and positive energy flow in your life, especially in your business pursuits. It is often used to stimulate creative visualization. It is said to It is used to bring out and into the conscious mind old and often hidden messages from the past. It is also used to bring out hidden fears as well as hopes. In Crystal Healing, these qualities make it useful as a stone to heal the emotions. It has been called the stone of Global awareness. It also affords protection of third chakra area. Interesting formation fact: Picture jasper is a petrified or silicated mud that dripped into gas pockets in molten lava. It became superheated and then solidified forming the unusual banded patterns which are typical of this stone.