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Pietersite gemstone Hearts bracelet (a)

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Fabulous Pietersite gemstone hearts bracelet - 

This crystal, also known as Tempest Stone, is said to energize your mind and mobilize you to action by bringing high vibration energy from the higher realms in via the third eye chakra. Pietersite unites the third eye and the solar plexus chakra... the seat of the will... and this stimulates you to be willing to do what you need to do to achieve change in your life.

This stone has a strong spiritual vibration, and connects you to a place deep within you, where your own internal guidance system is located. You may notice that when you first use it that you can feel it working on removing blockages, yet at the same time you may quickly find that you experience a state of altered awareness. This awareness aids you to recognize the beauty within yourself.

Pietersite helps you to rise above any feelings that have allowed others to control you, as you start to see when someone is not speaking the truth to you. It is common for many to be manipulated by others, and it’s often hard to see this. This stone opens you up to an understanding of what is happening around you and to see the conditioning that has been used to get you to conform to others expectations.

Awareness is power and by also making a connection to the solar plexus chakra -- the seat of personal power-- it helps you to take back your own power where required, while also helping to boost your willpower. It is also quite stimulating to the base chakra...and may energize you to overcome fear and an inability to make decisions, and to step forward into an authentic life.

Mystical Properties:
Pietersite helps us to accept and embrace that which appears to be chaos, but is in fact order. It aids us in extending our boundaries of acceptance and tolerance of others and of life. Working with Pietersite brings with it a particular calm and joyous peacefulness which is quite uplifting and helps to dissolve confusion and fear about what lies ahead in life. It will help you relax and release limits placed on your creativity and it allows you to recognize your divine potential.

The stone actually exhibits a conductive energy that will assist you in the actualization of the loving characteristics of the brotherhood of humanity, promoting loyalty to the self and to the ultimate experience of life. It can be used to stimulate the pineal gland and help you experience visions and precognitive thoughts during a meditative state. It facilitates travel through all spheres of existence, culminating in access to the Akashic records in your emotional vault.

Healing Properties:
The Pietersite gemstones are minerals that can be used to stimulate the pituitary gland to provide the proper regulation of the other endocrine glands and to produce, in the proper quantity, the hormones concerned with growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure, and body temperature.