Invite the Healing and Metaphysical Powers of Gemstones into Your Life!

Seraphinite in braided scallopped sterling setting earrings

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Seraphinite in Braided Scallop Sterling Silver setting

Seraphinite is a stone of spiritual enlightenment. It is also known as the Angel Stone! It is said to be among the most important stones discovered for connecting and communicating with higher energies.  It facilitates conscious awareness on many higher planes. 

Contacting the Angelic Realm and the Divine Feminine: Seraphinite has a sweet vibration that centers you and brings through spiritual energy. It can help you to clear blockages in your meridians and in your auric field that are holding back your spiritual growth. By meditating with this beautiful stone many of you may discover that you make a connection to the angelic realm and may find that you make a connection with the Divine Feminine. Seraphinite is known to open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra above that to bring Divine light through into your being.

This stone has a strong healing vibration, and is known to bring all of the etheric bodies into alignment with the energy field of the spinal cord. As any blocked energy within any of the etheric bodies clears, this allows the movement of energy to normalize in the body. You may then begin to make contact with beings in the higher realms as you resonate with this higher vibration energy and light. Many pieces of stone have a pattern within them... almost like the wings of angels... and these stones may be even more powerful to encourage this angelic contact.

Seraphinite is excellent for accessing self-healing. It promotes living from the heart. It cleanses the aura, strengthens, activates and balances all chakras.  The energy of the stone will also aid emotional healing, as you let go of old issues that are no longer what you desire for your life. As you allow the joyful energy that this stone brings to flow through you, out into your entire auric field, you may be open to understand more clearly the meaning of enlightenment. As you see this in the context of your own life, you may begin to behave towards others in a more balanced and peaceful way.

Healing Properties: Physically, Seraphinite is one of the more powerful stones for the healing of the physical body. It is healing for nerves, brain cells, purification of the blood and organs and eliminating toxins, kidneys, and the liver. It is a type of Chlorite and is the most effective stone for cellular regeneration. .  It activates the spinal cord and its links to the etheric body (aura).  Seraphinite releases muscle tension up into the neck.  It overcomes chills. It can help in promoting weight loss.

It can cause a flush of pure healing energy! It acts as a trigger, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away and new patterns to be created. It is wonderfully suited to bringing your physical body back into alignment with Divine energy. While the beautiful green shade is perfect for your Heart Chakra, it can be used on any Chakra or any other part of the body where enhanced and harmonized.