Invite the Healing and Metaphysical Powers of Gemstones into Your Life!
  • Unakite & Faceted Glass double-strand wrap bracelet

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    An "Accent Gem Designs by Michele" double-strand wrap bracelet handcrafted with Unakite and Faceted Glass beads. Includes a charm dangle. 

    Unakite, (or Epidote with feldspar as it is also known), consists of a combination of deformed Feldspar, Green Epidote and Quartz solidly bound together, creating the beautiful pistachio and pink coloring. The splashes of soft peach against a fresh green colored background makes Unakite a much beloved and magical gemstone. Unakite is sometimes referred to as Epidote, which derives its name from the Greek epidosis, meaning "growing together". And it is these materials bound together that conveys the meaning that what comes together, belongs together.                   The name Unakite comes from where the stone was originally discovered: in the Unaka Mountain in Tennessee and North Carolina. Outside of the United States, Unakite can be found in Zimbabwe and Switzerland.                                                    

    Unakite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down - This is the gemstone to help you to see the beauty in life. It is also used to uncover deception.

    This gemstone will help one to maintain a balance between spiritual and physical lives, allowing them to join forces in assisting one to create the life one needs. Helps connect your everyday life and your spiritual life so you are connected to the all that is, even when life tries to keep you tied up in knots. This is exceptionally important in today’s busy lives because the trials of just getting by can make you feel like you have been deserted by your higher power.

    Unakite helps you to move beyond issue from your past that seem to haunt and hold you back from being all you can be. It assists in removing the obstacles that stand in the way of one’s personal growth. It will aid in the release of pain and anger. It can be very helpful in the steady release of feelings long held in. Unakite is very good for someone who is having a hard time moving on after the loss of a loved one or for anyone who has recently went through a divorce.

    One may use Unakite to build self-confidence, as it strengthens courage, assisting one in taking control of the aspects of life that one is able to yield power over. Giving confidence to transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies. Like love and compassion for oneself. Unakite stone is also great stone for all stages of pregnancy. From conception to birth the stone helps nourish both mother and child to ensure a healthy birth.

    Healers believe that Unakite has the ability to unleash buried emotional pain and to aid in the body’s healing process. Since many illnesses began as an unhealed trauma to one’s psyche, letting go of emotions aids the body’s tissue in relaxing on a cellular level. Thus promotes healthier organs, muscles and soft tissue.